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Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Wednesday. December 9. 2015-Week 69

Elder Wilson and Elder Soto
My guys.

Ping pong action!

President Rasmussen telling us his story.

Tired Elder Soto.


Mi Familia

Well I guess you could still say that we are still homeless haha. I am seriously going to go crazy living here in this mission house!! There are like 45 billion people that come running through those doors every single day and all of them want to lay in my bed or eat my food or destroy something haha but I love them all so it's ok. But now I think I am a little less excited to live in dorm rooms after the mission haha!!

These last like 10 days have been as crazy as it gets for us. We'll start with the best news. Kevin and Yolanda are going to get baptised this Saturday!! They are so excited to do it and have passed their interviews and are all good to go. We are so happy and grateful for them but please pray lots for them as they continue preparing to take this next step in their lives. Also Gloria and Pia have a baptism date for next month and they want to be baptised in the river!!!! Still haven't had the chance to do that haha but please pray lots for them too because they are super prepared to do it. 

Also like you guys saw on Facebook Elder Goody came to the mission for a conference. He is one of the most inspired men that I have ever met in my entire life. He seriously knew exactly what we needed to hear and he taught us with power. Some of the key things that I liked.....1. He talked about our preordination and the importance of our calling to be here. He said that we have been born in the last days and that is because the Lord has such a high level of confidence in every single one of us. He explained all about our calling to bring in the lost tribes of Israel and then he burnt us a little and told us that we all need to be doing a better job of it haha it was seriously so great!! 2. The other thing that I really liked was when he told us the story of his conversion. He was a convert to the church when he was like 18 and his story is seriously so cool. He explained how much he loves his missionaries and how they changed his life. I don't know you just had to be there to feel his spirit during that part but he ended by saying that there are thousands of missionaries in the world but for our converts there are only 2. During his time here he just gave us tons of great ideas about how to be a more successful mission and how to baptise more and now we all feel more excited and ready to work. It's crazy how the Lord knows exactly what we need and when we need it. 

This week we also had a big Christmas party in the house of President Rasmussen. We played games and slayed some serious ping pong and lots of other great stuff but my favorite part was a devotional that President Rasmussen put on for us. We sang and watched some videos and read scriptures but then president told us a story that really just sort of put it all in perspective for us. He said:

One day I was sitting around reading a newspaper when out of no where my little daughter came up and said to me Daddy I am the only little girl in this whole neighborhood that doesn't have a bike, can we buy one for me? Without really thinking I said ok and then went on reading the paper. My daughter is a persistent one so the next thing I knew she was pulling the newspaper out of my face and saying How and When can I get my bike? Seeing her determination I gave her a plan of action. I said ok if you really want this bike you can start saving up all of your money from chores and work and other things so that you can do it. After that I went back to my paper. In a matter of minutes I heard a CLINK coming from her room and asked her what was going on she proudly came out and showed me that she had cut the top off of a jar and was already saving up a few coins. So after a good time of doing it she came and told me that she was ready to buy her bike. She took her jar and we went to the store to buy her bike. As soon as we entered she had already found the perfect bike. It looked like they had been put together in the pre earth life because they were so perfect for each other haha. So after looking at it and sitting on it and smiling from ear to ear for a long time her smile began to fade and tears began to swell in her eyes. I asked her what had happened and she explained to me Daddy now I will never be able to have my costs 100 dollars. I asked her how much she had saved up and she told me only 62 cents. I thought about all of the hard work that she had done and decided that maybe we could make a new plan. I looked at her and said give me all the money that you have and a hug and a kiss and I will help you to buy your bike. Her frown turned into a smile and she quickly gave me what I had asked for and then together we went and bought her bike. 

Well I don't know about you guys but that story is very special for me because it is very personal for us. We are the little girl and we all have a dream or a goal to recieve our eternal life with our Father in Heaven. We all have a plan to do it but what we will all eventually learn is that our efforts are not enough. That is why we have a Savior. That is why He lived, suffered and died so that He can take our best efforts, our faith and our love and pay for the rest so that we can acheive our goal and return to His presence. I love Him and I hope that we all can have His spirit in our hearts this holiday season.

Thats all for now. I love you all so much and hope you have a great week!! Also I go my package so thanks for all of that stuff!! Talk soon!!

Much love

Elder Wilson

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