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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Monday. September 15. 2014-Week 6

Mi familia!!!!

First off what the heck dad!!! I  can’t believe that old fart messed himself up that bad. I’ll be praying for ya but next time try to have a little athleticism hahaha!!!  Oh real quick dad asked about diet coke here ohhh ya they have it!

My communication with Elder Orellana is great. I can tell him whatever I need to and I understand just about everything he says. So ya the español is really coming along well. I still have a lot to learn but I can teach a solid half or more of every leccion now and the people here are so helpful here with spanish. If I’m not saying something right they’ll let me know and help me fix it and give me 1000 more grammar points of español. It’s awesome!!

We have been teaching a lot of investigators and less actives this week and it’s been so amazing to bring first-hand the Spirit into these wonderful people’s homes. I feel it 24/7 here. The Spirit is just so strong.

Church was awesome this weekend. We have a ward of 100+ people and let me tell you they all looooooove the missionaries! Every family wants to feed us or have us over or has a reference for us or just wants to talk, I Love it!! I had to get up in sacrament and introduce myself to the ward and give my testimony and at first I was sorta slow to start but then the Spanish just started flowing!! The gift of tongues is so real its insane.

We email from a little internet shop down the street from our house because no one here has internet, it’s a crappy place but it gets the job done.

The food here is out of this world. Our lunch lady knows how to seriously cook and she feeds us plenty. Rice, Chicken, fish, vegies, cheese, the whole deal and its good. At nuestro casa we cook just college food basically. Anything we can throw in the microwave or warm up on the stove is good. Cereal, yogurt, and eggs for breakfast. It’s all good with the food.

I have been getting up early every morning to work out for an hour or so and it’s so funny because now Elder Orellana is on this I’m gonna get huge phase so he does work outs with me every morning.

Today was the first P day and we met up with our zone and one other zone to play futbol and basketball. It was way fun!! And I kicked some serious butt haha.  Tell Tate to watch out my  soccer skills are catching up!! 

So for Tate, how’s the driving going and how’s school? And for Perry, how’s the kindness journal going and how’s school? Ahhhh I miss you guys so much.

So ya my house is a shack right!? It’s awesome, I’m getting the whole Peruvian experience!!! Well thats about it for this week. Just know I love it here and i am totally ok. I love you all so much and can’t wait to hear from you next week. Love you guys!!

Much Love,

Elder Wilson

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