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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Thursday. September 11. 2014

Hey guys!!!!!

I am in Piura!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This place is even more awesome than I thought it would be. I get to email a little bit today but I’ll email you more on Lunes, it’s nuestro p day.

Mi compañeros nombre es Elder Orellana. This guy is awesome!!! He is 20 almost 21 and is from Chile (Santiago) and the best part is he doesn’t speak a lick of ingles!!!!! I am gonna have to learn fast.

So I left from Lima on Tuesday morning and flew to Piura. The flight was awful but very uneventful so that’s good. Flying over Piura all you can see is desert and sand everywhere. Which actually isn’t too far off of what it is here.

When we landed we went straight to Presidente Rowley’s casa. He is an awesome guy and going to be a great Misión Presidente except he leaves in like 5 months. So at his house we got lectured for like a whole day on how to be good missionaries. It was good but super boring. Ok so skip all the boring stuff at his house that I’ll talk about in my next email. That night we went back to the Misión home to sleep and there wasn’t room for all of us so Elder Mooring, Elder Merrell, and I went and stayed in a hotel by ourselves in downtown Piura. It was awesome to have some freedom and it is easily the nicest place I will see in my two years aquí. So the next day we went back to Presidente Rowley’s place and found out nuestro compañeros y nuestro nuevo áreas. That’s where I met Elder Orellana and found out that I am going to be serving in Tumbes for a while. My área is called Puyanyo o Zorumilla. This place is seriously amazing and full of poverty and everything that I was looking for in this misión. It is about 5 hours away from Piura and we can take like a 10 minute walk and be in Ecuador so that’s pretty awesome!! We are also the closest misión to the beach!! We get to go there for p day once a month!!!!

So today was my first day out really proselyting and it was also awesome!!! Sometimes when we talk to people with heavy accents I can’t understand them but it’s ok because I still teach em!!!! I understand most people without too much of a problem so that’s awesome but I still have a bunch to learn!!!!!

We have a lady who cooks lunch and does our laundry. Freakin Score!!!!!!! OK so like I said I don’t have too much time right now but I will on Lunes (Monday) so I thought I would just give a little update and say all is well, I love the people, I’m trying to love the language, I love mi compañero, and I love Tumbes!!!!!! and el Evangelio!!!!!! Talk to you on Monday!!!!!!!

Much Love,

Elder Wilson

Elder Wilson & Elder Orellana

Elder Wilson & Elder Orellana's casa



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