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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Monday. September 22. 2014-Week 7

Mi Familia!!

Semana 2 aqui en Zarumilla!! What a week. We seriously have been working our butts off non stop for every single second of the day and then crashing hard every night haha. We teach about 5 to 6 set lessons each day and then we contact about 6ish mas personas each day so we never stop spreading the Evangelio, it’s amazing!! The people aqui are honestly a lot nicer and much much more accepting of the gospel. When they hear about something that could be true they want to hear more about it and learn more not just say no, not now. It’s awesome!! The gospel is so true! I feel like Elder Holland, I just want to scream it to the world haha!! 

This week we had about a 24 hour power outage. That sucked haha. No water, no light, and worst of all no fan. That fan is our way of life because there’s no such thing as A/C here, so we seriously just roasted all day in nuestro casa. But it eventually came back on and all is well here once again. Also I have cleaned our casa and that place is cleaner than it’s ever been, trust me. I feel like you mom hahaha.

The worst part about this week is that I have had some stomach issues!! It must have been something I ate, but all we eat is rice, chicken, and fish!! I took some medicine and that made it better but intestines will nunca be the same hahaha.

We have a zone conference next week en Miércoles so that should be good. My district has to do a special musical number for it so we are singing I Need You Every Hour. Half in español and half in ingles. 

I forgot my list that I make every week today so I am just telling you everything off the top of my head so sorry. We worked a lot with Pier this week which was good!  He’s gonna be a great missionary in about 1 month!!! His mom Hermana Ramoz, the lady who cooks for us, wanted to see pictures of mi familia this week so I showed her one of the photo books. She loved it!!! She really wants to visit the Estados Unidos so she loved seeing an american familia. She also kept saying over and over that Perry should be a model and kept calling her a barbie doll haha.

This week I studied a lot about the Atonement de Jesucristo. It is seriously just so dang amazing to know that he died for us so we can return to him and be forgiven of our sins!! What a blessing!! If you want to learn more about it, I read a lot of it in Mosiah chapter 3.

Ok I have some questions for you. First off Gaven’s b day is the 6th correct? Next in the package I want an ingles version of the Ensign with conference talks because I have to watch conference in español. I also want more peanuts por favor. Oh and Elder Orellana says he wants a floppy hat tambien haha. Sounds like all is going well at home and you’re having a bunch of fun with the old grannies haha. I wish I could be there with you guys. Tate keep up the hard work bro!! Sports will pay off for you and next thing you know well be chillin at BYU being sports studs together hahaha. I love the sports updates keep em going!! So Nebraska and BYU are awesome and BSU is picking it up!! GO BIG RED!!

Well guys keep up the good work at home and always remember to put the Lord first!! Ohh ya i put a picture of you guys in the cover of my LdM so I can have you with me everywhere I go!! I love you all so much hope you have a great week!!

Much Love,

Elder Wilson

P.S we went to the beach for p day today, it’s about a 20 minute drive by moto taxi, because there are no cars here. It was awesome, and yes dad I did wear sunscreen haha. And we saw a bunch of dolphins!!!!!

The outside of Elder Wilson's casa.

Elder Wilson's dumb bells. He said the yogurt bottles are about a gallon each and are filled with rocks and concrete so they have got some good weight to them.

A tiny lizard found behind Asher's pile of books.

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