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Thursday, September 4, 2014

Thursday. September 4. 2014-Week 5

Hey guys!!!!!

Well this has been sort of a slow last week here in the great CCM hahaha. We really haven’t done too much. We taught our fake investigator his last lesson and scheduled him for baptism so that was pretty cool.

Ok I’m just gonna work on answering your questions this week. 

So yes, I still work out every single day. We made a sweet weight bar and it is awesome. I also do pull ups and push ups and all kinds of other workouts.

The food is amazing! Rice and chicken for lunch and dinner. Eggs and yogurt with cereal for breakfast.

The laundry is annoying. People come in and pull your clothes out when they’re not done so they can put theirs in. So I have begun to leave notes on the machines that say I’m going to freakin beat you if you touch my stuff. It has worked great and my laundry life is improving hahaha. And heck no I have never ironed anything here and am not planning on it.

My hair cut. As scared as I was for it, it actually turned out really good. I just got a 4 all the way around so it really couldn’t have gone bad but I am pleased with it and you will see it very soon when I can send pictures in Piura. 
P.S. my shower sandals sucked so I went and bought camo crocks and they are awesome!!!!

I never really work with sister missionaries at all......thank the Lord haha ;).

What I miss most about home is obviously seeing everyone. I miss you guys sooooooo much and I miss Erin and I miss my crew and I miss our ward. It’s just crazy to think that I won’t see you all for soooo long!!! 94 Sundays exactly but who’s counting haha. I also miss Crash. I haven’t seen a dog in a long time that wasn’t trying to kill me or infect me with some sort of disease, so that would be nice.

My journal writing is spot on. I write for about 20 minutes a day in it so yes I am writing a lot. I have decided that when I get home I’m going to combine all of my journals and make a book and trust me that sucker would sell haha. This journal I’m doing right now is in English but my next journal will for sure be in español.

My companion is doing great, a little bit annoying at times but we have a really awesome relationship and love each other.

So I leave for Piura on Tuesday morning anywhere between like 6 and 10.

The thing I love most about the CCM is the Spirit here. I have never been somewhere where there are so many people with the same goals coming together to accomplish the Lords work. Plus the full size turf soccer field is pretty awesome too hahaha!!!

My leadership calling is pretty easy I just go and check up with people in my zone and see if everything is going good and then I have meetings on Sunday where I report how everything is going.

Sundays are great here. We have leadership meetings then go to church then we watch usually about two talks that have been broadcast from the Provo MTC with apostles talking. We've gotten 2 of Elder Holland!!

We have had two speakers from the 70 come here. The first one was Elder Waddell and he was awesome and huge. The other one I can’t quite remember his name but he was Peruvian so he spoke 100% in español and I understood the whole dang thing so that was really awesome. Those men spit the Spirit!!

There’s nothing that I wish I would have brought I don’t think.

Sleeping here is not weird at all. Usually when I go to bed I am so tired that I just fall right asleep but sometimes we all sit up and talk and stuff and it’s really awesome. I have been blessed with amazing roommates. Elders Mooring, Spencer, Volcanes, Walgren, and Clawson are all men!!!

Nothing totally overwhelmingly spiritual that happened to me this week but I do want to say that the gift of tongues is real. All I can say is that if God can make my sorry, not even close to bilingual butt learn español, then there is nothing in the entire world that he can’t do. I love it here, I love this mission, and I love the gospel of Jesus Christ.

So it sounds like you had some fun adventures this week and that’s awesome!! That’s amazing that Tate is kicking butt and that Erin won her race!!!! I am so proud of them holding it down for me while I am gone. Well I love you all so so so so so much!! You guys are my everything. This church is the truest thing on Earth and I hope you take every opportunity you get to share it with everyone. I don’t know why I’m telling you this but my favorite scripture is Hel 5:12 it’s awesome!! I love you all I hope I answered all of your questions and I will talk to you next week!!!! IN PIURA!!!!!!!

Much Love,

Elder Wilson


  1. So many gems in this letter! His threatening laundry note, his feelings towards sister missionaries, and his guarantee of a best selling book!

  2. He was too little to remember when elder Waddell was his stake president. How funny!

    1. I know, Janna, isn't that fun!! He was our Bishop when we first moved to Carmel Valley. I'll have to email Ash and tell him. :)

  3. We love his letters! He is hilarious!

  4. Kristen, his letters are so funny and wonderful! What a good missionary!