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Monday, February 15, 2016

Monday. February 15. 2016-Week 79

The bros . . . . and Hermana Rasmussen

Happy Birthday Elder Gandarillas......22 years old!!!!!! ‏

Our district.

Our Zone!!!!! Algarrobos

Mi Familia!!!!!!!!!

Well I almost died seeing those pictures of Tater and his date (because he was holding her hand . . . who would have ever thought that would happen!) and Perry’s note hahahahahahaha!!!!!! Sounds like they were the hot items on Valentine’s day!! Here in Peru we really didn’t do anything. Just avoided the parks because them Peruvians get a little out of hand on Feburary 14th..........hahaha. But I sure was thinking a lot about you guys back at home and I really did feel your love. Hope you felt mine. 

Glad you finally got that package from Gino!!!! He has been freaking out about it hahaha!! He seriously called me like a few times a week asking if I had heard anything about it so I’ll for sure let him know that you guys got it and loved it!!

Mom hearing that everything turned out good with the doctor was a huge relief for me. Elder Gandarillas and I have been praying like crazy for you in these last few weeks and we are both very happy to hear that you are better and recovering. Now just take care of yourself and get ready because I am 110% sure that when I get home I am going to have like 400 viruses in my stomach hahahhahaha!!!!!

 This week was sweet!!! Highlights:

·   We had more multi zone meetings this week and Elder Gandarillas & I had an hour in each one to present to the mission and we straight up nailed it!! Our focus was a method that Elder Godoy taught us so that we can help our investigators to overcome their problems and be baptised. We presented it by reading a few parts of 1 Nephi 8 about el arbol de la vida. We talked about the 3 groups of people that tried to make it to the tree and why some of them fell away. Every single one of them had the same resources. A path, an iron rod, and a goal to make it to the tree of life but they also all had to pass through the same obstacles: Darkness, confusion, a huge river and the large building located on the other side of the river full of people pulling at them to fall away from the truth. Well we have to learn that every person is going to have to pass through tests, trials and temptations in their lives (drugs, alcohol, pornography, friends, family, etc.) and it is our job to help them to make it to the tree of life. We need to help them to recognize their resources and how they can use them to make it back to their celestial home. Ya there are a few other details but that is the main part of it. It’s really helped me to think about how much more I need to help the people to have their true conversions. 

·   We played soccer today and then had a super huge water balloon fight!! We destroyed everyone haha! Elder Gandarillas even pegged me right in the neck with a huge water balloon hahahahaha I think it was the first time in my entire mission that I have felt cool!!!!

·   President Rowley wrote me this week!!!!!!!!!!! Made my day!!

·   The two families couldn’t get married because the weddings aren’t until the end of the month so they are still waiting but thanks for the prayers and please keep praying for them!!

·   We have a few other people that are getting ready for baptism!!!! Juan, Samir, Lucia, Naomi, Algren, Pricila, and a few others and I just ask you guys to keep them in your prayers!! 

·   I have been working as the translator for hermana Rasmussen in these last few months and it is awesome!! She is doing a great job of learning español but sometimes when she gives talks or discussions I have to help her out a little and it’s pretty cool to do. Just thought I would say something about that because I hadn’t told you guys about it before. Spanish is the best!!

·   We have been working on being more direct as missionaries and really just explaining to the people that we have been sent by Christ to help them to repent and get baptised and it is working so well!! We just try to help them to feel the love that the Lord has for them and explain the way that they can return to Him and they really do listen. I’m gonna paste in something that I wrote to Pres. Rasmussen this week that talks a little more about this. 

“I have been thinking a lot lately. I have really been pondering what our callings as missionaries mean. We have been called to bring God’s children back to him. I can’t think of any other calling more important than that. In these last few weeks our area and really the whole mission have been taking off at an upwards angle and we are beginning to see more and more miracles. We are accomplishing things that many other missionaries had told me would never be possible and it just makes me feel blessed. The work of the Lord is rolling forward and I am just so happy to be a part of it! There is nothing (not sports or fishing or anything else) that I love more than being a missionary and serving my God. Maybe I don’t have a ton of time left to be here but President I promise you one thing . . . I will never stop working and giving it my all every single day that I can. I am going to finish this mission in a way that would make our Lord and Savior proud.
Just want to share an awesome scripture that I read this week that inspired me to write this. Moroni 9:6:
And now, my beloved son, notwithstanding their hardness, let us labor diligently; for if we should cease to labor, we should be brought under condemnation; for we have a labor to perform, whilst in this tabernacle of clay, that we may conquer the enemy of all righteousness, and rest our souls in the kingdom of God.”

So yep, that’s what’s on my mind right now. I love the Lord and I will work for him until the end of my life. I also invite every one of you to start praying to have missionary opportunities in your lives. If we ask the Lord, He will present ways for us to participate in his work!! I love you guys and thanks for always writing me. I love hearing about what’s going on and all of that good stuff. Hope you have a great week! I’ll be praying for y’all!! I love you all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The church is true!!

Much love,

Elder Wilson

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