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Monday, February 29, 2016

Monday. February 29. 2016-Week 81

This is Elder Underwood. He is from Eagle Idaho and he played running back for Eagle High School when I was playing for Mt View!! I knew him before my mission and we know a bunch of each others buddies haha!! One of my bros here in the mission. He has like 7 months. 

Elder Wilson, Elder Mooring, and Elder Ayala ‏

A picture of Elder Merrell (from my group) and my companion.

A few guys from my group.

Elder Gandarillas just can't stay awake in the car hahahaha!! ‏

Driving to Tumbes.

New pull up bar......prison style!!!! ‏

Mi Familia

Hey guys!! How's the busiest family in the world doing?! Hahaha seriously it,s always something with you guys!! So is Tate just in soccer practices or is he already playing games? You've got to keep me updated on how his season goes. And Perry the dancer!! I guess you are proving all of the Peruanos wrong hahaha. They all think that they are the best dancers in the entire world and that north Americans can't dance at all (which is true in my situation) but now I can tell them that my little sister is some sort of sweet dancer haha. Just glad that you guys are all happy and enjoying life and everything that comes with it. 

Improved our office gym yesterday. We made a pull up bar!!!! 

To answer your questions. Our church starts at 9 but we are always out super early getting everyone ready haha love these people. 

We went to Tumbes this week to teach in some missionary conferences and it actually went super awesome!! So many amazing missionaries doing amazing things and we learned a ton together!! But it rained so freaking hard when we were there!! The streets were overflowing with water and the rain was seriously ripping roofs off of houses!! When it started we were out in the streets working with the zone leaders of Tumbes. Lets just say we got a little wet! So I went out with an Elder named Elder Truncos and luckily enough we got into a house to teach during the rain. Elder Gandarillas went out with his companion and he didn't get so lucky haha!! When he got back to the room it seriously looked like he had jumped into a river and he just let out the sweetest battle cry of all time and basically just said that I do it for the Lord!! Amen my friend. 

I just want to share with you guys an amazing story of something that happened this morning with a health blessing. So president talked to us this morning and told us that a branch president and his wife were super sick in the hospital with some horrible sickness called dengue. He told us that they had called him asking for blessings and that he wasn't going to have time to go over and give it to them so he sent us. It was terrible to see them in their beds dying of pain but it was cool because they were just so happy to see us there. We went in, asked them a few questions and they asked us to bless them. We placed our hands upon their heads and blessed them. I have had many opportunities to do this during my time as a missionary and I have seen many miracles but this time was different. After we blessed them there was just such peace and tranquility. Before the blessing the sister couldn't stop moving around because she was feeling so much pain but after we blessed her she seriously just fell into a peaceful sleep. It was insane. Really one of those moments when we felt the power of the Lord and understood just how perfectly He knows us. We must always be worthy because we never know when the Lord is going to need to use us to do His work. 

So as for Juan. We went and talked to him and he seemed totally fine and ready but when we were leaving we just saw his sister crying so obviously we went and asked her what had happened. She told us nothing and Juan took off to his room so we knew that something was up. Finally we got them to tell us and I guess that the family had got themselves into a little bit of trouble with a loan shark type of person. They aren't a poor family but I guess they had needed a little bit of help and the just went to the wrong source to do it and now they are in trouble. They told us that on Sunday these people were going to come by to get their money and if they didn't have it there would be some serious problems. We had no idea what to do and were actually scared for them because here in Peru those type of people are crazy so we talked to president and prayed with the family that all would turn out well. This is where I thank you guys for your prayers on Juan's part because he sure did feel the blessings. One of their friends was able to help them and they were able to pay off these people. We really did see the Lords hand on that one. Juan wasn't able to get baptized this weekend but we are planning on doing it this Saturday. Please keep praying for him. 

So I don't have any more time to write but I just want yall to know is that I am out here working for the Lord because I love every one of you and I know the Lord blesses our family through my service. It's hard and sometimes the things don't always go our way but there is no force or object in the world that can stop the work of the Lord (D&C 1:4-5). That's why this week we went back to the rich area and we found an amazing family!! When we trust in Him, He gives us the success that we work for. I hope you all have a great week. Keep praying for me I need it and just know that you are always in my prayers. Love ya fam. 

If you are going to send something I want some freaking protein powder please!!!!! and besides that I don't know what else you would want to send. Just awesome stuff that I can give away to the people here. 

Much Love 

Elder Wilson

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