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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Monday. June 15. 2015-Week 45

Missionary night watching Meet the Mormons.

Mi Familia!!!

Wow.....what a relief to hear that everything went well with Tater. I was praying like a crazy fool these last few days so that everything could go well. Then Tuesday at like 11 at night I got a phone call from Gino and he never calls that late so I thought something was wrong but he told me all went well with Tate so thanks for thinking to tell me all went well through him!! Tate keep fighting bro. This time is gonna suck but you just gotta be strong and put your faith in the Lord and don't put your head down. I won't stop praying for you. Glad to hear that everything has gone great for the start of summer break!! Hope you all get to do lots of cool stuff and enjoy every second of it.

This was a great week here in the mission. We started off the week with a big reunion with Presidente Rowley. This was his last reunion as mission presidente so it was really sad. He still isn't leaving until the 30th of this month but this was like his last big bang. It's going to be so weird to have a new mission president!!!! I am so used to presidente Rowley after being with him for the last year and now to change everything is just gonna be a little rough. It's ok though because I know that the Lord has called a new president that is perfect for this mission at this time. I know that the Lord that called an inspired man to help us better ourselves by bettering this small part of the world through the glorious message of the gospel of Jesus Christ. It was a great reunion and we learned a ton and all I can say is that when I get home from my mission I am going to find those 2 amazing people so all of you guys can meet them and love them too!!

The rest of the week we have just been teaching como locos!! It's been a little hard this week because the whole of South America is in a huge soccer tournament called la Copa América so everyone is hard core stuck to their T.Vs watching it!! A lot of people wont even let us in their house when they are watching the games because they want to focus!! So ya that sucked a little bit and especially when Peru lost their first game haha wow people were not happy at all!! But it got better and we managed to get some really good visits in and are really getting some amazing people ready to be baptised!! One person that we are still teaching is Marcos Maldonado. He has been losing a little bit of his interest in these last few weeks and its been terrible but two days ago Gino said that he wanted to go with us to his house to talk to him so we went. We gave the lesson and then Gino nailed him with his testimony and wow.....his testimony changed the whole lesson. Marcos really felt the spirit when Gino shared his feelings and experiences and after Gino finished I shared some of the pictures I have of our family and explained about how through the great plan of salvation we can live as families forever. The spirit was so dang strong and I finally felt that Marcos is ready to move forward to baptism!! We are working on a date and he needs to go to church a few more times but please pray for him because he needs our help!! Your prayers really do make all the difference here in my mission!! 

So that's about all for this week. Working, working and working some more. I have always loved to work before my mission in sports and school and working on the farm and with Wiggins but now I love it even more because I am working for the Lord. It's different, its harder than anything else I've ever done but it is 100% perfect and I wouldn't trade it for anything. I love serving my Lord and God because I know that when I am in His service that He is blessing the ones that I love and that is all I could ever ask for. I love you guys so dang much and I am so grateful for all that you do for me. Keep looking for opportunities to share your testimony with those in your lives because through the Lord you have the power help people repent and really change their lives through covenants with our Father in Heaven. I love this work and I love all of you so much!! Hope you have a great week and I am always praying for you!! Scripture of the week: Joshua 24:15 (And if it seem evil unto you to serve the Lord, choose you this day whom ye will serve; whether the gods which your fathers served that were on the other side of the flood, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land ye dwell: but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.).

Much Love 

Elder Wilson

Kathy and Rodrigo the kids of my pensionista ‏
Our ward mission leader Hermano Timana
Multi Zone Reunion


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