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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Monday. June 29. 2015-Week 47


Mi Familia

So happy to hear that all is going great at home. Tate's moving, dad's working, Perry's crafting and mom......well it sounds like she's just doing everything haha. Can't believe what happened to Wiggins!! That sucks so bad because I know all that work that he has done to get those bees ready and plan this whole trip. We've gotta make sure to keep him in our prayers. Also this trip in Meridian sounds like its going to be a sweet party!! I wish I was there to see everyone but hey I've got more important things to do. Give everyone a big hug from me and tell them I say hi. 

I need sports updates!! I don't know about anything that's going on in the U S of A!! I don't know if dad is watching the soccer tournament that is going on in South America right now but everyone here in Peru is going crazy because for the first time in forever Peru is playing great and has made it to the semi finals!! Viva Peru!! 

Well what a crazy last couple of days these have been. I was officially transferred. This weekend we passed by about 20 different families in our area saying good bye and it was seriously the worst. When you serve people with all of your heart for a such a long time it is seriously just like leaving your family. I love all of those people in Jorge Chavez and I will never forget them because they have literally changed my life and helped me to grow in countless ways. I am going to miss messing around with all the neighborhood kids, going over to Gino´s for dinner and other stuff, going to church in the best ward in mission Peru Piura and baptising all of them like a crazy man but like you said I am needed in a different place for a reason right now. It was also terrible saying goodbye to my Elder Gonzales but I know that he is ready to move on on his own and will be a great missionary. 

So in case you were wondering I have been changed to the area Sullana. Sullana is about 45 minutes outside of Piura and many people have told me that it is the hottest part of Peru. Wooo hooo another area to die of heat haha. But this transfer was a little different because I received a new calling. I am now serving as a zone leader for the mission. A zone leader is basically in charge of all of the district leaders and works directly with the President to complete specific goals and tasks. So basically what I am saying is that I have a lot more responsibilities now. My new companion is Elder Garay!!! Remember my old leader in Jorge Chavez and also in Tumbes? Yep well now we are companions!! I am way excited to work with Elder Garay because he is just full on energy and ready to work. He is from Paraguay and really only has a few years as a member of the church but his testimony is crazy strong!! So ya a new area, a new calling and a new companion but I aint afraid!! This is the work of the Lord and He has called me specifically at this time in this area to complete a work that nobody else can. He has great trust in me so I cannot and will not let Him down!! I am going to learn all about this area and these people and I am going to love them and serve them with everything that I have because they are special children of our Father in Heaven and they need my help to find the light in this life that can so often be a place of darkness. But it's not only me that can do this work but it is us as a church and as the family of God. We must reach out to help others. We must show our love and support to those that need it the most. We must be examples of true Christ like attributes in every moment. In these 11 months here in the mission I have found such a love for this work and my only hope and prayer is that we as children of God can feel the importance of helping our brothers and sisters to find the strength to only open the door for Christ and to shine forth their spiritual light. 

I have not met President Rasmussen yet but I am sure excited to meet him. I am going to miss Presidente Rowley like crazy because he is like a father to me but I am so ready to start to work with president Rasmussen and to receive revelation through his teachings. Its going to be a hard change but hey the mission was never meant to be easy. I am going to be meeting him and his wife this Friday. 

Well I know I didn't share much this week but it's only because I am in a new area with a new companion and hey I have a lot to learn but just know that I am happy, healthy and preaching the gospel!! I will give you all a better update next week but for now I love you and I am so happy to hear that you are all happy. I know for a fact that this mission doesn't just bless me but it also sends blessings to all of you. Keep working hard and loving the gospel and our Savior Jesus Christ and we will talk soon. Love you all!!!!!! 

Con mucho amor y cariño 

Elder Wilson
A little going away party for Elder Wilson at his friend, Gino's, house.

Open house to present the church to new people.



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