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Monday, July 6, 2015

Monday. July 6. 2015-Week 48

Missionary Leadership Training with President Rasmussen.
Mi Familia!!!
Hey guys!! Loved seeing all of the pics of the family get together this week and I hope you told everyone hi for me!! I miss those big get togethers and seeing everyone. Looks like you guys did a bunch of stuff including celebrating the best holiday on earth......The 4th of July!!!!!! Man I miss that holiday so dang much!! Nothing like blowing things up and showing some good ol patriotism!! But here in Peru we don't do anything for the 4th and it was sad haha. There are a few other north americans here so we got together and celebrated a little but hey it just wasn't the same. But glad to see that all went well this week and you guys enjoyed yourselves. 
Ok so you sent me about 5794757840276 questions so I am just going to answer those all today. 
1. I am great. Happy, healthy and loving this mission. I really couldn't be happier than I am right now because like the scriptures say when you are in the service of your fellow man you are only in the service of your God.....and trust me all I am doing is serving these people and it's awesome!! 
2. My new area is amazing. I got here by bus and it was about a 45 minute ride from Piura.
3. My apartment is awesome!! By far the best apartment I have had in my mission. We are on the 3rd floor of a building and it is just big and open and has a bunch of huge windows, pretty cool!! I'll send pictures.  
4. I still don't know the area too much but from what I have seen it is awesome!! The people are very kind!! I don't know exactly what happened with the last missionaries in this area but it looks like to me that they really didn't work at all because we don't have any investigators that are progressing. So what I have to do is basically start from scratch with Elder Garay to find new people and to help them get on the correct path and to be baptised. It's not going to be the easiest job in the world but I am pumped to have the opportunity to do it!! I love this work so much and I have finally figured out how to master it with the help of the Savior and trust me, when we are working together, the Savior and I, we are unstoppable when it comes to baptising people and helping people return to church!! Give me a few weeks and we will see some big changes in this area!!  
5. Yes it is so freaking hot here!!! And we are in the middle of winter!! Ohhhh how I want to feel an Idaho winter once again!! But I was thinking.....I am prolly gonna be a big cold wimp when I get home haha 730 days in the heat!!  
6. There are also a ton of other missionaries here in our area. Like 30!!  
7. Also we aren't allowed to carry our cameras here to go on visits because it is so dangerous haha!!!!  
8. My ward.....well lets just say that it's ok. My companion doesn't know barely any of them because in his last transfer they literally didn't offer him any help and in my opinion the bishop is terrible. He is a RM that doesn't want to do anything because he said he already served his time to the Lord for 2 years in the mission but what that son of a gun doesn't realize is that the calling to be a missionary is eternal and the last time I checked eternity doesn't end!! So yes I have a few goals to help this ward and it is another thing that I will change before leaving this area!!
9. Elder Garay is awesome!! You guys already have like 25 pictures of him from all of my other areas because we started in Tumbes together, then we both went to Castilla and now we are companions here in Sullana!! He is 20 years old and from Paraguay. He has 4 siblings (3 boys and 1 girl) and his parents. They are all active in the church and Elder Garay was born in the church. He has been serving for 17 months so really he only has 6 months more than me. He is awesome and super active. He likes to play sports because he played rugby and fought MMA before his mission so we are always working out and fighting haha but he is also very spiritual and focused and I already have a feeling that we are going to do great things together!! 
10. So my new calling as zone leader is a little more crazy than district leader. I am currently in charge of about 30 missionaries and 5 different areas here in Sullana. Basically what we do is we direct everything that the district leaders do and what President Rasmussen asks us to do. Sullana is the biggest zone in the mission and is also outside of Piura so people are always traveling to go to Piura so we have to pick them up, go to the bus station, pay for everything and organize everything, then go and pick them up at night when they get home haha just an example of one of the things we do. We basically are in charge of this area of the mission and everything that goes on here. We also talk on the phone like non stop!! Seriously like 50 people call us every day with something to do haha. So ya it's a lot to do but hey it's a calling of the Lord for me and I will complete it in every way!! But we are still missionaries and have a ton of time to teach. Got to remember what is the most important thing. 
11. Finally Presidente Rasmussen is amazing!! I got to go to the reunion of leaders in the mission and he was there and also his wife and they are just crazy and full of energy and ready to work. He is a giant and she is so so so tiny haha. They both really don't speak very good in Spanish, well actually Hermana Rasmussen doesn't speak at all haha but they are trying so hard to learn and to help us. They've got a lot to learn but we are here to help them and I know that they are going to be such a blessing to this mission and for every one of us!! Already love those people!!
So those are the answers to all of your questions. I hope that I answered everything but if not I guess you'll just never know until I come home haha. Everything is going great. It's a little hard to get to know a new area but everyone here is really helping me out and I can feel their love. I can also feel my Saviors love.
I want to end with a scripture that we read with Presidente Rasmussen this week.
2 Corinthians 3:2-3 says: "You yourselves are our letter, written on our hearts, known and read by everyone. You show that you are a letter from Christ, the result of our ministry, written not with ink but with the Spirit of the living God, not on tablets of stone but on tablets of human hearts."
So, this scripture is very interesting for me. You are a letter from Christ . . . we are letters from Christ and we have testimonies that aren't written in stone but upon our hearts and we must open up our heart to all the world so that we can help them to see these testimonies!! We must love everyone and we must love God by truly being His cards sent into this world to share a message of Salvation with all of His children!! Ohhh how I love the scriptures!! We can always learn something new but the thing that is most important to remember is that we must apply everything that we learn to ourselves!! We can be a light for the world but it all starts with this change of heart.
I love you guys so much and hope you have a great week!! I am always praying for you and I hope you can feel it!! Love you all!!
Much Love,
Elder Wilson

Elder Wilson




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