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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Monday. July 13. 2015 Email between Perry and Elder Wilson

Dear Nee Nee,
I'm sorry I haven't written  you for a whileEmoji I hope you're having a great time! How is you're companion? is there anyone you're about to baptize?  I want to tell you about the family reunion it was pretty Fun. We did a lot of cool things So I have a couple of questions for you what's you're favorite food to eat there who is you're favorite companion so far? Ok I want to tell you about my art class. It's pretty fun I've learned a lot. My favorite class was one were we did zentangles. They're where you draw anything you draw anything you want and make a bunch of designs inside of it. I did one and it looks amazing! I'll have mommy take a pichure of it and send it to you.
Well Asher I love you so much I cant wait to see you when you come back home.
I love you!


Perry girl!!!

Hey you. What the heck I thought that you forgot about me because you haven't wrote me for soooo long!! Looks like everything is going super great for you back at home and just so you know everything is going great for me here in the mission. My companion is great and we should be baptising a few people here pretty soon!! Thats cool that you got to do an art class. I always knew you were super good at art. My favorite food here in called aji de gallina.  Well Perry I love you girl. You are so special and so sweet and will always have a place in my heart. Hope you have a great week and never forget to read the Book of Mormon and say your prayers. Love you sooooo much!! 

Elder Asher Dean Wilson

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