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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Monday. July 13. 2015-Week 49

Riding the bread bike.
Mi Familia,

Que tal familia!! Estoy bien y tan feliz estar aquí en esta área. Sullana es lo maximo y vamos a bautizar bastante personas en estas próximas semanas!! 

So it sounds like you guys all had a great week back at home. Maybe a little tired from your crazy week of vacationing in Meridian but still good. Well I was talking english today with a big group of North Americans because we were playing basketball and they told me that my english actually sucks hahaha!! I was quite offended because I consider myself to be a full on, true MERICAN but I guess I have forgot my language natural haha!! So I guess every day I am now going to start studying my english and not my español.
Also looks like Tater had a great time at AFY. I don't think I've ever heard of AFY before, and my time to do cool things like that are now gone haha I'm old, but it looks like you were having a blast!!
I am currently going super hard on my exercises but it is a lot harder to do it now because we have millions of things to do every day to help our zone and presidente Rasmussen but don't worry I'm gonna come home ready for lacrosse!!

This week was good and bad at the same time. Let's just start with the bad. Elder Garay got super sick for like 2 days and we couldn't leave. I read so dang much!! But eventually we gave him a blessing and everything cleared up really fast but wow it was a long 2 days of getting him back to normal. We also bought some weird herbs from like some sort of witch doctor because a ton of people told us to buy them to help Elder Garay and they didn't work at all and they tasted like butt!!!! So now I know to never listen to the advice of the people in our ward for when we are sick haha.
After Elder Garay got better we had a big reunion with a few of the zones here in the mission to know Presidente Rasmussen and his wife (something funny about them is that he always calls his wife la señora and here in Peru that basically means like my chick so we always die laughing when he introduces his wife haha but he's getting better about not saying it anymore). So we had to buy all the tickets and get our 30 missionaries all organized and get them all on a bus to travel like 1.5 hours to Talara. Then Elder Garay and I had to direct the meeting but it was super cool to see all the pictures of their kids and grandkids. They actually have a daughter that is serving in mission Chiclayo Peru and she is going to finish in 6 months and then she is going to live in the mission house with her parents!! Haha sorta crazy right. But he is such an inspired man, Presidente Rasmussen. I have only had a little bit of time to work with him but I have felt his spirit and the power of his testimony and I would already follow that man into battle any day of the week, and if that is a battle to share the gospel with all the crazy drunks in Sullana then let me at it because I am ready!! We are going to see changes but this mission is only going to get better. 

As for the people that we are teaching right now its sorta rough. I showed up to this area and there wasn't a single person listening to the lessons that wasn't a member. I don't know why they weren't teaching the people but it doesn't matter because now we are working like crazy people to find these new people and to baptise them!! We are already teaching like 5 new people and they are all really receptive!! So please pray for hermano victor, hermana dorris and hermana aide. I will let you know how they progress but nothing much for right now except that we are preaching the gospel with all that we got. I am only here for 1 more year!! And for that reason I am going to work until I can't anymore. Serve until I can't serve anymore. And I will bring to pass the work of my Father in this area of the world because I know that He needs me. I love this work and I will not let my Lord and Savior down. 

Well that's all for this week. I am so so so busy like way busier than I have ever been but I know it's the Lords plan for me. I am happy and I am healthy and I know it is because the Lord is watching over me and over you guys. I love you all so much and I hope you have a great week!! Scripture to think about 2 Nephi 31:10.

Much love 

Elder Wilson
Family Home Evening with some of the members in the ward Buenos Aires.
Playing a game called habla chancho.
Hermano Marco Felix (his family cooks for us). ‏
Pizza Party.
Apartment in Sullana.

He always sends a picture of the bathroom. I guess it's the most important room to him. I must say this a much nicer bathroom than the one in Tumbes.
Elder Wilson and Elder Garay.



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