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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Monday. June 22. 2015-Week 46

Cooking up some cuy-yuck! He says it's delicious!

Mi Familia!!!

¡Feliz dia viejo! Or in other words, Happy Fathers day old man!! Hope you had a great one and that you know I was thinking about you the whole time!! Your hat is sweet and it looks just like the type of hat that all the Piuruanos are using here in my area of the world everyday!! Love you dad you are a great example to me and everyone in your life and I hope you know it. I couldn't ask for a better dad than you. 

Wow mom you wrote a ton today but it's ok because I like to hear all about what's going on. Wow so good to see Tater back up and on his feet!! I have been praying all week for that kid and I know the Lord is hearing all of our prayers to help him heal quicker and have the Spirit stronger in his life. Summer life sounds just as great and crazy as ever with sports and the girls and friends but with all that stuff going on don't forget to read your scriptures!! Personally and as a family!! It is our spiritual map to guide us back to the presence of our Father in Heaven and if we don't read it and apply it in our lives we will never receive the guidance we need!! Read the book!!!!!

This week was extremely crazy and awesome and spiritual and a little sad. To start off let's talk about the temple. I did not get to go to Trujillo to actually see the temple be dedicated, I just got to see a transmition for satellite. Yes I was quite upset but after watching it I was just so full of the spirit that I couldn't be mad. Presidente Utchdorf and Elder Bednar are amazing and their messages were amazing!! I had never really seen a full dedication before but it is so so special and I thank God for giving me the opportunity to just see it!! This is a new start for the people here in Peru. An opportunity to change the history and practices of Peru and really become a people dedicated to God. This temple is just another small part of Heaven here in the earth. Never take the temple for granted!! It is so special!! Elder Uceda from the quorum of the 70 said there are 5 things we always need. 1. A picture of the temple in our homes, visible for all to see 2. Family history!!!! 3. To buy our temple clothes and always have them clean, ironed and ready to go 4. Never let your temple recommend expire!! 5. Attend the temple as frequently as possible. These 5 steps can guide our lives and help us to make great promises with our Father in Heaven.

We also had a baptism this week, it was for a little girl that was born in the church. The thing is that her dad sorta left them on their own and they weren't planning on getting the baptism done for Aiko but we started teaching her like 1 month ago and she finally got baptised this week!! Her grandpa baptised her and it was such a spiritual experience!! Gotta help in every way that you can!! 

The last big thing that happened this week is that Presidente Rowley is going home. This is some of the saddest news I have ever heard. He has played such a huge part in my life it is crazy and now he is just leaving. Very hard for me to see. So he came to visit us for the last time in our house this Friday and we talked and did a practice of a visit because he wanted to see how far we have come in our missions and then we took some pictures and BAM he was gone. We talked for like 45 minutes but it seemed like 10. He did leave me with some final words of wisdom and inspiration but I'm not going to share them because he really did say some stuff that is very special for me. I testify that Presidents of missions really are called of God because they change the lives of many young people like me all over the world and help us to complete with the will of our Lord. I am so excited to met our new presidente next week but I am going to miss Presidente Rowley like crazy. I love that family. Please pray for my new mission president!!!!

So this week we have two new people with baptism dates!! Hermana Viviana and also a new investigator named Cecilia!! They will both be baptised in these next few weeks. Marcos is struggling because of his friends but still progressing. They need our help a ton so please ask our Father in Heaven to help them through prayer!! 

So if all goes as planned I should have a transfer this week. I don't know where I will go or who will be my new companion but it is going to kill me to leave this area. The have a huge part of my heart and I will never forget them. This is going to be a tough last week.......

Well that's all for now. I love this work with all my heart and I will never stop working for my Lord because His work is perfect. I love you guys and am always praying for you!! Keep working, praying and reading hard and I know you will all be so blessed. 

Also....going to finish the BOM again in like 2 days!!!!!

Much Love 

Elder Wilson

p.s. Que bonita Perrycita! I love your new haircut!

With Gino and Gino's mom.

Last visit with President and Sister Rowley.

A family from the ward.

I told Asher that Perry might never forgive him for eating this and she would probably need therapy after seeing this picture.

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