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Monday, May 16, 2016

Monday. May 16. 2016-Week 92

Doing service with Elder Culaca.

Conference with Elder Culaca!

Mi Familia!!

Ok I was thinking that today could be another one of those days when I just answer questions because you guys have like 20,000 of them!!!

This week was good besides that fact that we got sick!! To answer another one of your questions we do have a lady that is cooking lunch for us every day but one day she gave us some baaaaaaad food and it really messed us up!! I mean one minute I'm sitting there just fine and the next minute I am full on sprinting to the bathroom because there was some serious fire coming from down under!! So I was really bad for a few days (I seriously lost like 7pounds!!) but now I am ok but poor Elder Culaca was worse. One day we were out in the street contacting and talking to people when he just took off running around a corner. I went to see what had happened and he had thrown up and was really bad. I asked him if he needed to go back and rest or what he wanted but that guy just looks up at me and says that even though he had rice grains stuck in his nose from throwing up he wasn't about to go home and rest because there was work to be done!!!! Freakin boss!! So we just kept on keeping on for the whole week and we were very blessed for it. 

Things with Elder Culaca are sweet!! He is a bro just like Elder Gandarillas was and we have already become really good friends in this short time. I am still waking him up super early in the morning to work out and he just walks around now flexing his muscles hahaha!!

Our apartment is really nice!! The nicest I have had in my whole mission. We haven't had a single problem with it and the only thing that could be a little bit uncomfortable is that our bathroom is so freaking small!!!! I have never seen a bathroom so small in my whole life!!

The people that I am loving in our ward are many. We have like 15 returned missionaries that are always going out on visits with us and helping us to find new people to teach and they are all awesome. We are also helping a few families to get to be a little bit stronger in the church and they appreciate it a lot. For example this week 2 older men in our ward died. We didn't even know them besides from the blessings we had given them and the families asked us to give the talks at their funerals. It was a really cool experience for me because I felt like I was also playing my part in the funeral of Jaja. So ya just doing all that we can to strengthen the ward. 

Our area is really interesting. It is full of churches and other missionaries. The people that we are finding are sometimes really "hard of heart" but that is why Elder Culaca and I have just been focusing on loving and serving everyone. Christ said that he can identify those who are his disciples by how they show love to others. So something that we did this week is go with a huge moto and pick up a huge pile of broken bricks and cement in front of the house of a family that we are teaching. It took us like 5 hours.......but it was awesome because we could just serve the people and honestly that is just my kind of work!! But yes many, many people are taking very well to the message that we are teaching and showing their faith by following it. 

We are teaching a TON of people!! The list would be too long to put here but here's a few.

Luis - He is 20 years old and is awesome. He has been looking for the truth for a long time and he is sure that he is on the correct path now. He also plays a lot of soccer with us haha!!

Fam. Anton -  We did the service project for them. They are going to church and reading and all that good stuff but really struggling with work. Work is just tough to come across here in Paita. They are really good to us. 

Kenji -  He is 15 and loves the message. He has invited us to teach his whole family and now his whole family is listening to us too!! He is an artist. 

Rosio - She is the smartest person I have ever taught in my whole mission!! She is all questions and doctrine and we have been able to answer all of her questions and she is still going to church but just waiting for that answer from God. 

This last conference with the Rasmussen's was great. I loved seeing them and talking with them and I also gave my last testimony in this conference along with Elder Mooring and Elder Spencer and Elder Volcanes from my group from the CCM. It was pretty sad but just awesome to see how far we've come. 

Well that's all for now. I hope I could answer some of your questions. I love you guys sooooo much and hope you have a great week!! The church is true!!

Much Love

Elder Wilson

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