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Monday, May 9, 2016

Monday. May 9. 2016-Week 91

Elder Culaca and I.


At the beach after some serious futbol!!

A classic with Elder Ayala!!

El Distrito!

Mi Familia

Hey guys!! We just got done having a serious soccer extravaganza!!!!! We found a sweet little field right on the beach and just went hard!! But now after waking up early to work out and then play soccer in the sun all morning I am sleeping on the wall while writing you guys and poor Elder Culaca can't even keep his eyes open!! But ya it's been a good P Day. 

Yesterday was awesome talking to you guys!! Crazy that it was the last time that we are going to be doing it while I am here in the mission. You guys all look super great and sounds like all is going well with the life. So ya I really don't have too much time to write today so I just want to write what I was thinking the other day. 

There is a man that I really look up to named Bishop Duckett. Yesterday he just came to my mind and I was trying to remember all of the things that he had taught me during his time as my leader and being mothers day I remembered something really cool that he had told me before. It was in an interview with him and he sat me down and asked me a question. He said, "Have you ever seen an angel in you life?" Well I was pretty sure that I had never before seen an angel or anything even close to and angel so I told him, No. He then went on to tell me something that I will always remember. He said, "Well you are wrong there because every single day that you see your mother you are seeing an angel." He then told me that mothers are heaven sent angels that are to love us, help us, and guide us and that they deserve to be treated as such.

I can say that what Bishop Duckett explained to me that day is nothing but the truth. Mom you are a heaven sent angel that has done nothing besides bless my life since the day that I was born. You just loved me and did all that you could for me. I love you mom and I hope you never forget it. You are and will always be the #1 for me. Hope you had a great day and that you felt my love all the way up there in Idaho!! I thank the Lord daily for having the greatest mom in the world.

Well that's all for now but we'll be talking soon!! I love you guys and just keep on keepin on!!

Much Love 

Elder Wilson

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